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Fanatic Fly Air 10'4 Review

Fanatic are one of the world’s leading watersports brands – established in 1981, they have over three decades of board riding experience, priding themselves on their attention to detail and constant evolution. Their team loves board riding in all its forms, and as such they understand the needs of SUP enthusiasts – from their Brand Manager to their Product Engineer, they are truly invested in their product.

STX 10'6 Freeride inflatable stand up paddleboard review

Welcome to another SUP Company Boardroom Review - the STX 10’6 Freeride Inflatable Paddleboard Review – a inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard from the relatively new brand, STX. Their philosophy is this; producing inflatable paddleboards using tried and tested technology, but at a much lower price point that most other brand packages available.

 Red Paddle Co 11'3 Sport inflatable paddleboard review

The Red Paddle Co 11’3 Sport inflatable paddleboard – new to 2017 - is often one of the first boards people look at after having paddled a ‘All-Rounder’ like the Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride. Its tapered shape and longer waterline length are part of a more focused ‘straight-line’ design than typical ‘oval’ shape of the All-Rounder – for stand up paddleboard Riders who want a more efficient board that rewards you with a greater return in terms of the glide for the effort you put in.

Red Paddle Co Titan Pump

The Boardroom review of the Red Paddle Co Titan Pump

The SUP pump which gets people talking the most has to be the Red Paddle Co Titan Pump. This pump comes as standard with all new Red Paddle Co paddle boards (except 'The Whip' 8'10 - comes with the single cynlinder HP Pump) and is available seperately on its own.

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The Boardroom Red Paddle Co 10'6 Ride 2017 Review

The Red Paddle Co 10'6 Ride is quite possibly the best known inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) in the world. The 2016 edition blew us away, and was easily our best-selling board of the year, and the 2017 model contains everything that was great about it, plus some handy new additions…